At the heart of our business lies a commitment to “Build Communities for Good” and it is this philosophy that informs every decision and drives every action taken by the group. For us, profit has a purpose: to provide funding streams to bankroll African community upliftment.

Accordingly, we are resolute in our refusal to invest in any asset or industry that is harmful to man or nature.

Our value proposition as we strive to continuously deliver innovative media and information solutions that facilitate beneficial human connection, is underpinned by a combination of factors:

  • The credibility and reputation of stakeholders
  • The manner in which we select and participate in good product markets
  • The ongoing pursuit of operational efficiencies, which enable continued value creation for shareholders
  • A consistent focus on high quality organic growth and prudent acquisitions, and
  • An unwavering commitment to protecting our reputational integrity.

In addition, we commit to honesty and openness in our dealings with consumers, suppliers and partners and we apply the highest standards of corporate governance. We believe that good business is ethical business.