The Protected Disclosures Act, also known as the Whistle Blowers Act, promotes good, accountable and transparent public and corporate governance by encouraging employees to speak out against corruption, unethical practices and breaches of the law in the workplace. It also makes provision for the protection of the informant.

Accordingly, Kagiso Media has established an Ethics Hotline manned by KPMG, which operates as an independent conduit for all employees of Kagiso Media to anonymously report any form of unethical practice, including sexual harassment and racial discrimination, fraud and corruption. Furthermore, Kagiso Media cannot demand that the identity of the caller be revealed.

The KPMG Ethics Hotline operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and calls are free. The call centre is secure and its location is unknown to the public.

To contact the KPMG Ethics Hotline, please call 0800 21 25 83 and follow the steps set out in the document below.